Selasa, 17 November 2015

What We Called Unconditional Love???

Banyak Percakapan yang terjadi,
melintasi jarak yang terkadang tidak bisa diloncati begitu saja...

Man :
May I tell you 'bout my problem?

Woman :
Of course.
Tell me what's your problem. May I can help you.

Man :
It's about the girl I love.

Woman :
Lucky girl, carry on.

Man :
I hope she can wait me.

Woman :
I think, she will. 
You must saying for how long the girl waiting you.

Man :
I do hope so.

Woman :
Make sure 'bout that.

Man :
Of what?

Woman :
Make sure if she had a same fear,
it can be much help.

Man :
I'm jealous with my friends when they are
talking about their love ones.
How they hug and kiss, etc.
So I said to myself....Oh well...
Btw, Ok. I will ask her.

Woman :
Ok, before you tell her, listen to me.
Loves not about hug and kiss.
Loves like a journey, about accepted.

Man :
Yes, I know that.

Woman :
Any one thing can make it never happen.
If you not having commitment.
Commitment to loving your loves
in unconditional situation.

Man :
Yes, to give love and not to count the cost.
I love her, I love her.
I really hope she does too.

woman :
Tell to her and prove.

Man :
Best effort to prove her.
Any suggestion?

Woman :
Be yourself and do your best for 
really hug her in a reality.
She will hug and kiss you back.

Man :
I will.

Note : Seperti mencintamu untuk kesekian kali dan menunggumu adalah sesuatu yang teramat sangat berarti.
Please hurry up come here, hehehe...I love you.
My 1 year preparation.

Kamis, 12 November 2015

Where The Streets Have No Name

I want to run...
I want to hide...
I want to tear down the walls
That hold me inside
I want to reach out
And touch the flame
Where  the streets have no name

We're still building
Then burning down love
Burning down love
And when I go there
I go there with you
It's all I can do

'Where The Streets have No Name lyric by U2"

Woman :
"Nice lyric. hahaha...any past memory with this song?"

Man :
"Yeah, Only to be with you. Nope"

Woman :
"Oh, I c"

Man :
"I don't know where you are. Maybe some...
somewhere where the streets have no name.
So I would climb the highest mountain,
Only to be with you.

Woman :
"It's easier to find me"

Man :
"Hahaha...Don't know why. But I missed you"

Note : I go there with you...It's all I can do.

What I hate The Most

Man :
"Tell me, what do you hate the most?"

Woman :
"What I hate the most?

Man :
"yes dear or anything that you hate"

Woman :
"When I act wrong and didn't have a chance to fix. Even if I could, 
everything is different"

Man "
"Ok, well said. Just keep positive."

Woman :
"Cause I keep positive and accepting everything that happens
in my life. That's the way I can still see you today.
Hahaha...Sounds like a poem."

Man :
"Hahaha...Sounds like it"

Woman :
"I hope you always happy. Abundantly."

Man :
"To be honest. I am happier than ever because of you.
I do also hope you are happy"

Woman :
"Yes, I do"

Man :
"Even if we're far away from each other.
It feels like you're near me."

Note : 20:20 - 10'9'15.

Kamis, 17 September 2015

Part of You.

Man  :
I'm not the type of person or guy who
follows what's the latest fashion of today.

Woman :

Man :
Just the classic way. Like for instance,
denim comfort fit jeans, boots.

Woman :
I like it.

Man :
With the mail man bag.

Woman :
Go ahead.

Man :
I love perfume. I always want to smell good.
I don't like dirty shoes or boots.
I make sure they are always clean.
I love music. Part of me, I'm a musician.

Woman :
Sounds great.

Man :
Whenever I don't feel good, my music is my choice.
Then a cup of coffee will follow to make a good mood.
I love helping people, people who are in need of someone to talk 
to with their problem.

Woman :
Author & screenwriter like music and coffee too.

Man :
So I'm there to listen and to give all possible positive
answer that would make them feel better.

Woman :
I'm almost doing that everyday.

Man :
We are meant to be, hahahha.

Woman :
What? hahahaha.

Note : When loves come

Minggu, 13 September 2015

Mahal Din Kita.

A conversation between man & woman

Man ;
I can only say I LOVE YOU.
But it only has a limit. As true good friend.
A loving or caring friend. 
That's all I can to make you happy

(take a breath)

Unless you have someone there who really loves you.
Give him a chance. But think and decide wisely.

Woman :
haha, it's ok. forget it.
I hope you always happy.

Man :
Forget it. You always say that.

Woman :
Thank you for a few day, always care of me.
Well, I'll be ofline. Have a nice day.

Man :
Is there someone bothering you?
Why fear day by day?

Woman :

Man :
I will continue caring for you.

Woman :
Mahal kita.
You want say this?

Man :
Mahal kita.

Woman :
This a thing make me fear.

Man :
Like I've said.
Mahal kita has a limit,
I'm not expecting anything.

Woman :
Cause the limit you said?

Man :
So what you want me to cut the limit?

Woman :
I don't know.

Man :
You want me to say that I love you more than that.

Woman :
haha, I don't know.
Oh God, you make me crying.

Man :
Oh please don't cry.
If I say it. I'm afraid that might be rejected.
That's the way it's hard for me.

Note : 120915

Ada Dia Dalam Aku.

Dia sepi, dia menepi.
Dia menghitung hari-hari,
yang telah dihabiskannya.
Sesuatu yang pernah begitu
dia perjuangkan didalam hidupnya.

Dia menengok kedalam cermin kaca,
mungkin juga dia punyai kesalahan yang sama
besar dan mungkin sukar untuk dimaafkan.

Dia inginkan kesempatan kedua, ketiga,
yang harus dia akui itu tidak akan pernah tiba.
Karena semua jalan kesana, telah menutup
dengan sendirinya.

Dia tidak ingin menangis lagi, sungguh.
Dia ingin benar-benar tertawa.
tertawa karena bahagia,
Bukan karena ingin bahagia, maka dia mencoba tertawa.

Dia melepaskan, dia mengakui kekalahan.
Mungkin tidak semua peperangan bisa dimenangkan.
kekalahan terkadang membuka sebuah jalan baru.

Dia tidak pernah mengharapkan lebih lagi,
tidak setelah luka yang begitu besar yang dia terima.
Dia tidak lagi percaya bahwa akan ada yang bisa mencintainya.

Tapi Tuhan mungkin berkata sebaliknya.
Dia menghadirkan seseorang.
Tanpa ekspektasi apa-apa,
dia bisa tertawa, tertawa karena bahagia.
Bukan lagi karena bahagia dia tertawa.

Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2015

Menunggu Waktu Mencinta (i)

Terdiam dan bertanya pada diri sendiri,
Cinta itu apa?

Apakah menginginkan sesuatu menjadi milik kita,
itu disebut sebagai cinta?

Apakah tidak ingin kehilangan sesuatu,
itu disebut cinta?

Lalu bagaimana jika kita sudah tidak lagi memiliki
dan telah kehilangan sesuatu tanpa kita sadari.
Haruskah karena itu juga kita berhenti,
berhenti untuk...mencintai...

Note : Menunggu waktu.