Selasa, 20 Juni 2017


I wrote about memories
on how I found you
About what made it easy
Giving you my heart.

A million songs, won't be enough.
To tell about your beauty.
This poem will extremely long,
to tell this love.

If this love runs out already,
no longer left to the world.
Because I have spent the rest of my love,
only for you.

I ever thought about,
how my life without you.
can it be more beautiful than I had lived until now?

I always dream about,
how find the old days with you.
Your long hair still remains beautiful,
although it won't stay black.

When the time runs out already,
no longer rests on the world.
I have spent the rest of my life just for you.

When the seasons changed
and the time stops.
even though the world hates,
I will stay right here.

Note : Surat cinta untuk Starla by Virgoun

Nice and romantic lyrics, hehehe.

Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

Bersabarlah Sebentar Lagi

Ada yang diam-diam merindu dalam ruang waktu
Mengetahui dengan pasti bahwa kebersaamaan itu
Sesuatu yang begitu mahal harganya.

Apakah cakrawala berbatas, tanyaku.

Tiada satu pun yang bisa mengerti rasa yang ada didalam sini, aku menunjuk sang hati.

Aku tersenyum lagi dan berbisik pada hatiku,
tunggu, teruslah bersabar dalam menunggu.

Hati kemudian bertanya padaku,
siapa yang sebenarnya kau tunggu?

Lagi-lagi aku tersenyum,
aku menunggu seseorang yang memegang kuncimu,

Apakah aku sedang terkunci saat ini? tanya sang hati.

Ya kau terkunci, terkunci oleh janji yang akan segera terpenuhi.
Jadi bersabarlah, bersabarlah sebentar lagi, jawabku.

What a Soulmate?

What a Soulmate?

It's like a best friend but more.
It's the one person in the world who knows you
better than anyone else.
That someone who makes you a better person.

Nope, nope..
Actually they didn't make you a better person.
You do that by yourself because they inspire you.

It's the one person who knew you,
accepted you and believe in you
before anyone else did
or when no one else would.

And no matter what happens
You will always love them
and nothing could ever change that.

Jumat, 19 Mei 2017

Tiada Yang Mustahil Bagi Tuhan

dia akan selalu pulang sore hari.
dia akan menggantikannya di malam hari.

Mereka beredar dalam putaran wakt berbeda.
Hanya satu yang sama,
mereka sama-sama berada diangkasa.
Mereka bahkan bisa saling bebas bertukar pandang,
ketika kita mengira salah satu dari mereka tiada bersinar.

tidak usah saling menanyakan,
siapa yang menemukan siapa,
ini adalah izin dari Tuhan,
dan kita telah saling menemukan.
Kita hanya telah memilih satu jalan pilihan,
dan satu keberuntungan,
kita memilih jalan yang sama,
sehingga kita seolah-olah saling menemukan.
Padahal sebenarnya,
Tuhanlah yang mempertemukan.

Tiada yang mustahil bagi Tuhan,
dan itu yang aku percayai hingga hari ini,
tiada yang mustahil bagi Tuhan.

Lalu, jika tiada yang mustahil bagi Tuhan.
Bolehkan aku meminta lebih,
tentang kita. 
Tentang cinta kita.
Karena bukankah tiada yang mustahil bagi Tuhan.

I love you Apple.

Kamis, 18 Mei 2017


I want to see you (for the real)
Know your voice (hear your voice when you talk in front of me)

Recognize you when you
first come round the corner.

Sense your scent when I come
into a room you've just left.

Know the lift of your hell (your saucony)
the glide on your foot.

Become familiar with the way
you purse your lips
then let them part,
just the slightest bit,
when I lean in to your space
and kiss you.

I want to know the joy
of how you whisper

Note : Poem by Jalaluddin Rumi. I just add some words, for you Apple.

Kamis, 11 Mei 2017

Things Will Get Better

I'm the one that's always been here
Even thru the darkest nights 
And brave the tide for you 
And me 

All I ever needed was you
You never have the worry at all
What happen to us
What happen to love

Every step seems just a lil better
Lil mistakes don't really seem to matter
I want that going ok.
As long as I got you and you got me

I've been saying to myself be stronger
Like work it out; its gonna take a lil bit longer 
As long as I got you, you got me, you say 
Things will get better

A mirrors now would've been so clear
Every shadow like a broken glass
Can we mend the past with me 
And you

Maybe I should face the truth 
I need you to be what I know you can be
Don't give up on us 
Don't give up on love.
Our love.

Every step seems just a lil better
Lil mistakes don't really seem to matter 
I want that going ok
As long as I got you, and you got me

I've been saying to myself be stronger
Like work it out; its gonna take a lil bit longer
As long as I got you, you say
Things will get better

Things will get better

Note : 
We will never become broken or obsolete.
 we are couple of pair.
I love you , kept that in your mind.
I love you,

On One Sided Love

the choice that you have to make is not wheter i can love you or not. 
the choice that you have to make is to love me back or not. 
my love for you that's my choice

Note : Poem by Najwa Zebian