Selasa, 13 September 2016

War And Love

I come from Venus
He come from Mars
We met on the Earth

When the inhabitants of different planets,
make allies on Earth.
Our first home under DEM,
led by Demons.

He is a knight from Mars.
I just angel full of anger using dragon wings.

Mars and Venus has a different language.
We are united by the language of the Earth
and making communication with that.

One day he knock on my door
and asked...
"Hi...where you come from?"

After that time had passed.
I became his Queen,
A King of Mars whose face was
covered with a mask.

We were so alive,
dancing over the war,
kisses under the moonlight.

I loved him as I love myself...

And don't need a reason,
why we love ourself.
So even when Goty loved AngerDragon.

Tribute to precious moments
between you and me.


I can't win, I can't wait...
I will never win this game,
without you.
I will be never be the same,
without you.
*** Without You by David Guetta ***

Kamis, 05 Mei 2016

Nice Conversation With You.

Sunday 1st May - 8.36 pm

Man :
I tried to bake butterscotch thru an oven toaster this afternoon.

Me :

Man :
And yeah. Awesome N. You did great.

Me :
Why? haha.

(I got a beautiful pic of him - see the right above)

Man :
Toasted. Haha.

Me :
Not bad.

Man :
Yeah. it taste good though.

Me :
Did you read how long for bake?. I mean set the timer.

Man :
Of course. It says 9 minutes. Then it turned out toasted.

Me :
Haha. Oh goodness.

Man :
I think I put too much in the pan. I should've lessen.

Me :
I can't stop laugh.

Man :
Oh well. Lesson learned.

Me :
You will get a good one after this accident. Upz..not accident.

Man :
Yeah maybe.

Me :
Hahaha, that's art of cooking. Chef N.

Man :
Yeah. My home made toasted butterscotch. Really nice.

Me :
Look yummy. Can I?

Man :
Sure, hehe.

Note :
Just imagine, sit down in front of you.
And see you eat your butterscotch.

Senin, 04 April 2016

Maligayang Kaarawan ( Happy B'day )

Two months ago , february .
I was thinking about your birthday , April 4 , 2016.
 Yes, Today it's your birthday.
 I tried to get your address .
I just wanna send a birthday cake with lots of candles for you,
the candle will be give your wish light,
 an angels and God can easy find your wish of all many wishes in the world today.

But , I failed and I am sorry.
Today, I imagine standing in front of you .
See your eyes, see your body that I really want to hug.
 Happy birthday to you my lover , my best friend.

 I do not need to say what the best prayer as a birthday gift from me to you.
God will give it one by one on you this year.
So let the light guide your way.

I hold every memory as you go, that's never goodbye.
 and just want you to know,
I am still here and always here waiting you my King,
until you have a bit brave for standing in front of me for the real.

 Happy birthday,
Maligayang Kaarawan.
I love you.
Mahal Kita.
I always will love you.

Jumat, 01 April 2016

Kiss You Hard

The first day in april 2016
Hello April, your special month, right ?

Hi my King...
did you know, two months my blog without story ?
but, this time - 12.50 am and I decide to write something. 
( Oh, me for write this in happiness because I love him)

You sent text 4th March and you've said

I miss you,
I hope that you have been doing well.
I write this not to beg for you. I am not trying to win you back
or even change your heart.
I write this because I have hurt you.
I have hurt you to the point where the pain 
was too great for you to withstand.

I write this because I want to tell you,
how sorry I am for what I have done.
I have no idea how could you ever forgive me
for the things that I did wrong.
I failed to continue to love you.

I thought I had the answers but in reality I knew nothing.
What pains me is that you were giving me the answers all along.
I have read our old text messages,
I have read what we would say on BBM.

I used to hate when you would ask me,
The reason is because I honestly was not sure why.

I knew that I loved you.
I felt like I loved you.
But why?

I would say things like words do not exist
to describe how I feel.
That still holds the same weight,
but I know now why I LOVE YOU.

even when there was no clear reward.
Even when I hurt you again and again,
you still tried to love me.
You still tried to see if I would do better for you.

You supported me when I felt 
like the world was against me.
You kissed me when I thought
no one in the world could ever love me.
Why did I not do that for you?

Note :
I do not know why I listen to the song Broken Vow by Lara Fabian,
 since the beginning of this writing

...I'd give away my soul to hold you once again
and never let this promise end...

Sabtu, 23 Januari 2016

It's Not Argue

I may not have the softest touch
I may not say the words as much
And thought I may not like too much
I'm yours

-- The Script , I'm Yours --

Argue, yeah every relationship will getting that.
A little argue between us.
I just think wanna keep it for alarming.
Hahaha, what alarming?
I don't know.
I just feels you so close when it.
This is about our early dating
hhhmm... 7 am here... Crazy 

Man :
Please I don't want morning argue.

Women :
Me too.

Man :
I definitely know you if you don't feel like talking.

Women :
I won't talking if just for making an argue

Man :
So let's end this and start our day happy.

Women :
I was offering you.

Man :
Ok, let's be happy.

Women :
I am.

Man :
Kiss you and hug you.
Women :
Kiss you and hug you back.

Man :
Thank God we're back.

Women :
I'm here btw, not go anywhere.

Man :
Hhmm...trying to be funny ey.

Women :
I am not.

Man :
Ok, I'll laugh.

w you'Women :
I love you. You know.

Man :
Thank God we're back --> I meant we're back where
we should suppose to be not arguing.
I love you more, you know.

Women :
Hhmm... I know. I am a smart you  know.

Man :
So come here and I'll pulverize your lips.
Yes, I know you're smart.
Hard to argue with a smart woman if you're a smart man.

And today all application we're installed.
For making video call. 
And...the best part is,
All application not work...Arrgghhh.

I love consume time with you,
making laugh together
and getting crazy together.
I love you my Sayang.

Kamis, 07 Januari 2016

....Untuk Menemukanku.

Disana ada matahari,
yang rotasinya juga menyinari bagianku berpijak,

Disana ada bulan,
yang cahayanya juga menghangatkan malamku.

Lalu dimana perbedaannya?
Apakah karena bermil ribuan jarak ini?

Apakah karena kita menggunakan bahasa yang berbeda?

Kadang aku bersyukur diantara ribuan bahasa yang ada di dunia.
Ada satu bahasa yang bisa kita gunakan untuk membahasakan cinta kita.

Dan kau pernah bilang,
kenapa harus aku diantara puluhan milyar manusia bumi.
Dan tanpa kamu tahu, aku juga menanyakan hal serupa pada Tuhan.

Entahlah sayang.
Kenapa Tuhan mempertemukan langkah kita.

Dan, kita telah menelusuri ribuan detik
untuk saling mencari dan menemukan.
Pada detik kesekian, akhirnya waktu dan hari itu,
kita saling menemukan.

Kamu katakan "Tunggu aku, maukah kamu menungguku?"
Aku tersenyum dan mengatakan "Aku akan menunggumu, gunakan kompas itu untuk menemukanku"

Sabtu, 02 Januari 2016

First Smile in 1st January 2016

Mengaktifkan handphone di pagi hari 
dan membaca deretan kalimat ini
sederhana sekali bahagia itu

Friday; 1st January 2016
06.26 am

I've cherished every single time I spent with you.
I'm very much happy because you came in to my life.
Happy as ever I could be.
The good and the bad times.
Nothing is certain.
I may not be perfect as anyone wants to be.
I'm sorry if  I can't give everything you seek.
I will try and best effort because 
I love you with all my heart

Friday; 1st January 2016
06.32 am

This is what and how I feel for you.
I love you more and will always love you.

Dan..tentu saja, senyuman pertama di pagi hari 2016 tercipta karena kamu.
Thank you God, for bring me love.
And, thank you my lover.
you are my friend, my honey, I love you too.

Note :

...Cause I, I feel like I'm ready for love,
and I wanna be your everything and more...
...And I know everyday you say it,
but I just want you to be sure...
...That I'm yours...
...That I'm yours...

"Song lyric by Ella Henderson - YOURS"